Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Alguien de alguna parte", unleashed!

"Alguien de Alguna parte" is a C4Des' animation project we do altogether Charo Pita and Carmela Mayor, the writer and the illustrator of this story.

We've done a Weblog were we post all of our news, previews, and much more...
Hope you like!

Here one of our first blocking previews.
enjoy :)

Castell de Bellver

Castell de Bellver | Castillo de Bellver | Castle of Bellever | 3D

This is my entry for spanish comunity of Cinema 4D contset with the theme Castles
All textues are procedulars couse I wanted to test how they work. I was finally 4th.

The actual Castle of Bellver, (in Catalan: Castell de Bellver; Spanish: Castillo de Bellver)is a gothic style castle, placed in Mallorca and build between 1300 and 1311.

More info:

Some old Draws





Here my first pic!
This is one of my firsts characters and my first UVW mapping